Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Runway Meets the Final Eight: Game 2


When it comes to uniforms, Wisconsin Rapids comes close to delivering the whole package:

Nice balance. A confident composition that doesn't try too hard. (Remember: it's not what you add to a uniform design that makes it great; it's what you leave on the sewing room floor.) The whole get-up exudes a Soviet elegance that can sneak up on the fashion-minded hockey fan.

And the whites are even better. Love the whites. Red numbers with red trim? Inspired. Why add a third color when two will do quite nicely. And the white arm numbers against the red shoulder patches is a nice touch.

Rapids' one drawback, and it's a doozy, remains the team crest:

The hockey player silhouette is dated but in a bad way. It had one judge convinced the team jams Bon Jovi in the locker room between periods. Just as Project Runway Season Two contestant Santino once turned a so-so evening gown into a show-stopper just by removing an overwrought wrap, the Red Raiders could lose that silhouette and find themselves with a fairly decent logo.

Let's move on to Notre Dame.

I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb when I state the late great Oscar Wilde would have been a huge fan of Project Runway. Mr. Wilde once famously apologized for the great length of a missive he penned a friend, stating that he hadn't the time to write a short one.  Well, that same sentiment can be applied to the our friends at Green Bay Notre Dame who appear to have spent far too much time building a hockey powerhouse and far too little time contemplating what makes for a powerhouse uniform.

Ugh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears their uniform features the dreaded (and exceedingly rare) crest within a crest layout? Inexcusable. It's like they couldn't make up their mind between the stylized ND and the more academic shield shape so they figured, "Why not throw in both and make an even bigger shield?" This is an admirable intention when choosing between, say, a Culver's Butter Burger and a cheese-infused bratwurst but it just doesn't work in the hockey fashion world.

I give the boys credit for breaking out the colored laces at the neckline; that's a fairly bold and expensive move on their parts, but in this case, the added splash of color just muddies up an already busy presentation.

Must. Avoid. Urge. To. Give. #10. Shit. About. His. Goal. Celebration. Dance.
That said, I must give the Tritons an A for consistency and accessorization. You've got to sell your design and to a man, these guys put the uniformity in uniforms.

Still, when the scores are tabulated and the judges have had their bitch fest, this one isn't that close at all....


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