Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Runway Meets the Final Eight: Game 3


We have ourselves another split jersey scheme with the heavily favored Old Abes. The darks are my favorite of the two, despite the shoulder logo (more on that later). I've always had a soft spot for Old Abe (easily the coolest team name in the Final) and the depiction of Old Abe is the perfect balance of whimsy and subtle violence. ECM is taking a gamble with the non-traditional pattern and multi-color scheme. In short, it's the most fashion-forward of all the uniforms on display this weekend.

Three captains (and on ridiculously long shoelace belt). Clean it up, Cap!
They flip the logos with the white jerseys, relegating Old Abe to the shoulders and moving the too-busy text treatment to center stage. Bad move. Even at a larger size, the text logo remains unreadable. Would be so much cooler just with the Old Abes written out. Granted, this could be a case of my color blindness getting in the way, but I have always trusted my gut on these things and I think I'm right on this one.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and let's be honest here, the WNS Storm sort of blow their debut. For those of you not "in the know," WNS is an acronym for Whitefish Bay/Nicolet/Shorewood, three tony Milwaukee suburbs that under the guidance of Coach of the Year Maco Balkovec have developed an impressive hockey program. Sadly, co-op uniforms either end up a rainbow of clashing school colors (see Janesville) or, in the Storm's case, blahsville. (I am tempted to sound off on the singular soccer name but this is neither the time nor the place.) 

I understand the challenge here: You have three schools, three mascots, three sets of school colors, so it makes sense to stick with some letters for the crest. But surely there is a more artful way of presenting them? I'm just not feeling anything here; I crave something more. 

Kudos for the font and size on the numbers on back. I like that:

Note to self: Keep an eye on those Sun Prairie uniforms. They show promise.
And what's with the Dallas Cowboy stars on the sleeve? Someone talk to me about what the hell that signifies? To this casual observer, it feels superfluous. And I will stand by that statement until someone can give me a damn good reason for why it's there. 

I'm sorry, Storm. I love that you are the only #1 seed to make it to The Big Ice, but I just wish you had picked out a better gown to wear to the ball.


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